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Monitor and control the treatment and all the elements related to your operation no matter where you are

At any time and from anywhere, you can find out what is happening. The operation’s data recording allows you to analyze disinfection, find patterns and be prepared for future situations.

CB-OPCON: easy management and control of your installations

At Geodesic, we have developed the online platform Cloud Based Operation & Control (CB-OPCON), which gives you the power to remotely manage and analyze our systems and also the physiochemical data of the treated water in real time. Every one of Geodesic’s units keeps a permanent VPN connection with CB-OPCON via internet. It does not make any difference if you have only one unit or a complex network of international scale.

CB-OPCON provides information on the physiochemical parameters of the water (pH, conductivity, temperature, redox potential, free chlorine) and the condition of all of the components and installations, as well as the values of the operational parameters. You have the ability to execute any desired operation, such as starting or stopping the process, modifying parameters, initiating or scheduling maintenance operations, recording maintenance operations, etc.

Geodesic | CB-OPCON

Your installations today… and your installations tomorrow, too

Due to Geodesic’s experience, with thousands of installations like yours, we can stay ahead of the curve on any unforeseen issue. CB-OPCON detects anomalous and unwanted behavior in your installations thanks to the advanced pattern-analysis which gives you a warning so that you can solve problems before they arise.

Geodesic | CB-OPCON

CB-OPCON además te ofrece

  • Geodesic | CB-OPCON

    A warning and alert system for operational and water-quality incidents

  • Geodesic | CB-OPCON

    Real-time, multi-parametric graphs for chosen periods of operation.

  • Geodesic | CB-OPCON

    Complete operational, treatment and maintenance reports.

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