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State-of-the-art technology at the service of water

At Geodesic, we defend that every bit of technological innovation must be subject to the most demanding, most realistic operating conditions from its very inception. It is only under these conditions that the functionality of a technology’s industrial development can be born out. Based on this premise, and addressing the needs and suggestions from professionals with the highest standards in the market, we have developed our water disinfection and conservation systems.

The Geodesic Method

  1. Eliminate bacteria through the process of electroporation

    Under certain conditions, electric fields produce an electro-osmotic imbalance in the cell membrane causing its breakdown and the immediate death of bacteria. It is with this electrophysical mechanism that our systems can completely and instantaneously disinfect circulating water.

    Geodesic | Our Treatments
  2. Advanced oxidation through natural processes

    Under other kinds of conditions, applying electric fields triggers oxidation reduction (Redox). This type of reaction can be direct oxidations of organic or inorganic material, or reactions that generate oxidants. Through these processes, our systems can create, for instance, active chlorine from the chlorides that are naturally present in the water, or radical hydroxyls from the water molecule itself.

    The combined use of these techniques (electroporation and advanced oxidation), managed with sophisticated software, ensures the desired water quality for each type of implementation or use—whether it be in distribution networks, or in closed or semi-closed circuits (pools/spas, cooling towers, fountains, etc.)—guaranteeing disinfected water at the point of delivery or use.

    Geodesic | Our Treatments
  3. Remote Operation

    The coupling of the water disinfection systems with the remote management platform, CB-OPCON, designed in-house by Geodesic, and the simplicity and automation of maintenance greatly reduce the required maintenance, operation and logistics. Our smart-sensor system continuously manages water treatment using the recorded data, together with the rest of the task parameters, to feed the decision-making and machine-learning algorithms.

The advantages of our method

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    Geodesic totally eliminates chemical products from the water

    Using the Geodesic method, water is disinfected and conserved without the use of chemical products, thereby protecting the environment and people’s health and well-being.

    Traditional Systems

    Traditional systems applied to semi-closed circuits or reclaimed water distribution lines always require an oxidant dose, generally chlorine-based.
This usually causes an alteration in the physiochemical characteristics of the water, habitually requiring other chemical agents to correct it which leads to the creation of more aggressive water, both for humans and for the installation’s material.

    Moreover, the addition of chemicals, especially chlorine, favors the formation of by-products that are potentially harmful to human health and the environment.

  • Geodesic | Our Treatments

    Geodesic makes the disinfection strategy less cumbersome

    Geodesic allows you to adapt, in a simple manner, the disinfection strategy to your needs depending on use, whether it be in semi-closed circuits (pools, cooling towers and storage tanks), or in reused water supplies, where water disinfection can be guaranteed due to the proximity of the treatment to the point of use.

    Traditional Systems

    Physical methods are not operational in circuits with retained water, nor are they reliable in distribution lines when disinfection needs to be guaranteed at a far-off point of use, making the addition of oxidants necessary. These circumstances either cause an overdose or re-chlorination throughout distribution, in other words they deliver water with a high microbiological risk to the user.

  • Geodesic | Our Treatments

    Geodesic conserves up to 90% of the water

    In pools and cooling towers, Geodesic conserves up to 90% of the water used by virtue of not adding chemical products and also because of the treatment control and management system itself.

    Traditional Systems

    The biocidal action of chemical products loses its efficacy as it causes substantial changes to the physiochemical properties of water, leading to the frequent renewal of water and the resulting waste, which translate into elevated economic and environmental costs.

Technology for improved water quality

Our water disinfection and conservation systems are the product of our vocation to research and our firm commitment to both the environment and innovation. Building on these pillars, we continue to focus on the future of 100% chemical-free, clean water regardless of the setting.

Geodesic | Our Treatments