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Technologies for water treatment, conservation and regeneration

At Geodesic, we have developed the most advanced systems for water treatment, conservation and regeneration on the market, with a fully modular design which can be scaled to any volume or flow. Our systems are state-of-the-art not only because of the technology they use, but also because of their connectivity and advanced capacity to interact with the cloud and to do data analysis.

Thanks to our technology, we have accomplished…
Chemicals eliminated from swimming pools 35.472,00
Water conserved in swimming pools 24.154.000
Chemicals eliminated from cooling towers 119.130,00
Water conserved in cooling towers 214.434.000,00
Wastewater Reuse Networks 1.387.000.000,00

Our treatments

Technology that improves water quality

Our water disinfection and conservation systems are the product of our vocation to research and our firm commitment to both the environment and innovation. Building on these pillars, we continue to focus on the future of 100% chemical-free, clean water regardless of the setting.

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A cutting-edge app right in your pocket

Manage and analyze your installations remotely and in real time thanks to our CB-OPCON (Cloud Based Operation and Control). Access the data recorded, set behavior patterns, and preempt and avoid problems.

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About Us

Specialists who are committed to the environment, to conservation and to your health

Our team is made up of engineers, chemists, biologists, computer scientists and mathematicians who are dedicated to protecting our natural resources. From our headquarters in Madrid, and using our advanced technology, we offer our water disinfection and improvement services across Spain and abroad, in collaboration with qualified local operators wherever we provide service. Our approach to research, our development of new technology applied to the improvement of water quality, and our dedication to innovation are integral parts of Geodesic’s DNA. We are committed to being a leader in water disinfection, providing a solution to any water-quality need our clients may have.

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Our clients

Among our prominent clients, you will find…

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The latest information from the water sector: regulations, climate change, reclaimed water, etc.