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Water treatment in pools and spas

Crystal-clear, odorless, tasteless water; it doesn’t irritate your eyes, nose or skin, making going for a swim a gratifying and safe experience for all people.

The advantages of using Geodesic in pools and spas

Conventional pool and spa treatments turn the water into a concentrated solution of chemical products.

Geodesic completely bypasses these chemical products making your swim a healthy, high-quality experience, cutting the unnecessary waste of a basic resource, as well as reducing allergies, irritations and coughing attacks.

Geodesic’s systems automatically regulate the water disinfection process deciding what techniques to use in each moment based on the potential oxidation reduction of the water. The systematic recording and analysis of data allow for the identification of patterns and the prediction of the behavior of the water.

The Geodesic System’s installation:

  1. The Geodesic system is normally installed after the filter and in heated pools and spas, after the water heating system.
  2. Geodesic systems also include an hyperchlorination circuit for filters which maintains them at their most optimal cleaning parameters to ensure the best filtering performance and the most amount of water saved.

The advantages of our technology

  • Geodesic | Pools & Spas

    Water Quality

    Elimination of oils on the water’s surface.

    Reduction of between 50-70% in cloudiness.

    Reduction of permanganate redox (40-70%).

    Neither the conductivity nor the pH are altered.

  • Geodesic | Pools & Spas

    Multizone Savings

    Saving 100% of costs on chemical products for water disinfection.

    The absence of manipulation, management and storage of chemical products which eliminates the associated occupational hazards.

    Conservation of up to 80% in water renewal (reduction in the time and frequency of cleaning the filters; neither the conductivity nor the pH are altered because no reagents are used).

    Energy savings from not having to heat water since it does not need to be renewed.

  • Geodesic | Pools & Spas


    Greater health safety (continuous quality monitoring and automatic response). 

    Greater sustainability (water conservation and elimination of chemical spillage).

Impacto en tu negocio

Geodesic consigue un ahorro de hasta el 80% de agua y el 100% de la energía de calentamiento inicial de esa agua, eliminando el uso de productos químicos en la desinfección de tus piscinas y spas, cuidando la salud y la satisfacción de tus clientes. Descubre cómo afectaría a tu negocio.


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Enjoy your pool again

- Free from salt deposits on your skin, clothes and hair. - Swim in crystalline, transparent water in optimum hygienic-sanitary conditions, free of microorganisms. - Without drying out your mucous membranes (eyes and nose) or your skin. - Without the smell and taste of chemicals.
Geodesic | Pools & Spas
Geodesic | Pools & Spas

Control and monitor your installations wherever yo are

At Geodesic, we designed CB-OPCON so that you can control your installations from anywhere in the world: Access periodic reports, set alarms, start up maintenance or modify your program’s settings.

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El mantenimiento es un trabajo duro y a menudo poco reconocido. Eleva tu eficiencia y convierte las quejas en felicitaciones con Geodesic.

Geodesic | Piscinas y spas

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